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Basitsana training Consultants is an accredited registered company with a national presence, renowned for our excellent training interventions delivered by our enviable team of experts and internationally recognized trainers.

We provide innovative training interventions which range from conferences, workshops, inductions, seminars and tailored made in house training programs.

Our Management team believes in the development of human capital and pride ourselves in the delivery of high-quality training interventions, particularly in both private and public/Government sectors.

We have successfully hosted and delivered large scale training projects in Africa.


Years Experience

B-BBEE Level 1

A Level 1 BEE Contributor

Our Value

“We believe that quality comes first. We are 100% committed to providing our clients with a product of the very highest standard as well as an uncompromising level of customer service.”

Our Vision

Our team has a collective vision and a personal commitment to our client’s business needs indeed this passion transcends into an unsurpassed dedication and commitment to our clients ensuring that we deliver cutting edge training solutions that can be implemented at all levels within an organisation. Our public and inhouse courses are developed to meet the specific demands of our clients

Our Mission

To raise the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of learning provision by increasing the engagement of employers in work force skills development and contribute to the region’s advancement and transformation to a knowledge-based society through the provision of training seminars of the highest calibre, which directly address the current needs and demands of both individuals and industry.

We take pride in our ability to respond quickly to market needs and provide you with quality learning courses that are dynamic, leading edge and up to date.


Why Choose Us

Our training service are on par with International Standards and are recognized in most countries all over the world.

High Quality Training

We have successfully hosted and delivered large scale training projects in Africa.

Unmatched Expertise

Our talented team of international instructors has exceptional credentials that are complemented by practical, real-world experience.

Industry experience

By bringing together academic knowledge and industry experience, we ensure that our clients’ needs are at the forefront of each and every one of our training courses and seminars.

Qualified Staff

Our specialist teams continuously track and monitor the latest business and industry trends and emerging best practices to ensure that all our course content is relevant, practical, and useful.

Our Clients

We work with a lot of companies nationally and internationally that we pride in calling our satisfied clients from the opposite testimonials, you will understand why they always choose Basitsana.


The Forms House, Unit 4. No 6 Burke Street, Kensigton B, Randburg.

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